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Earn in Solar Business!


Three Ways to Earn in Solar Business:

MicroSun Solar is giving away golden opportunity to people who are passionate about green energy. Don’t worry if you do not know the technicalities or do not have money to invest in the business. We have got it all covered. The following three solar business opportunities are very flexible and one of these would definitely suit you.


1. Become MicroSun Solar’s Business Associate

This role is made for someone who has strong influence and has keen interest in making people go solar despite of having less technical knowledge about solar power. You could be a retired bank manager, head of your RWA, Principal of a school or star of a women’s club – as long as you can convince people around you to go solar we want YOU! MicroSun Solar will provide you with all the information and knowledge to suggest solar solutions to people.

We will also help you reach more people in your areas by providing you sales and marketing support. Remember, your customers like to buy solar solutions from a reputable company who can be relied for excellent lifetime service. MicroSun has already carved out a space in people’s homes and hearts. With our support you will be able to do more solar installations.

How Does Solar Business Associate Program Work?

Step 1 – You can apply to become MicroSun Solar Business Associate by emailing on or calling Mr. Yash Jain on +91 9686433488.

Step 2 – Once you are registered with us, you can start generating leads for us and get paid a set commission upon completion of each solar project. The commission will vary according to the total cost of solar project. Lead generation could be as simple as convincing a group of houses/Colleges in your area to install solar.

Step 3 – MicroSun Solar’s technical team will then meet the customer, design and execute the solar project for them. You get paid after the system is up and running. There is not limit on number of leads. You can keep making money with every successful recommendation

And of course MicroSun Solar will take care of service and support that the customers may need anytime. We have a pan-India service network.

How Much Can You Earn by Becoming MicroSun Solar’s Business Associate

There is no limit! Depending on the kind of leads you get for us you can earn anything between Rs. 10,000 to Lakhs or even crores.

2. Associating with MicroSun, if You Are a Solar System Integrator

If you are an solar system integrator with a technical team and have been doing solar system installations then tying up with MicroSun Solar will increase your profits and reach.

You can be MicroSun Solar’s empaneled and certified system integrator for all solar projects in your preferred areas. For installation, you will be paid as per the pre-negotiated rate based on project size.

3. Becoming Microsun Solar’s Dealer or Distributor

MicroSun Solar manufactures all types of solar products such as panels, Solar home lighting system, Solar street lighting systems, EPC for grid connected projects, Solar Pumping systems etc. If you associate with MicroSun then you will be able to procure all the products from us at a special discounted rate.

MicroSun Solar has a tremendous dealer & distributor network across India.

To start making money with MicroSun Solar Business Programme.


Yash Dinesh Jain

Executive Business Development.

+91 9686433488

MicroSun Solar is India’s one of the leading manufacturing company for Solar PV modules. Our solar solutions are successfully powering hospitals, colleges, schools offices, Indian Army, lakhs of homes and businesses. We manufacture solar products to suit every need and treat our customers by giving them lifetime service and support.

                        Go Solar with MicroSun!


  • Girish Masali

    We have experience in Installation and Commissioning of Solar Grid Tie Systems in Aurangabad, Maharastra.
    You could consider us as a installer for ur projects.

  • Venkatesh Talmari

    Hi sir I am Venkatesh Talmari from RAICHUR DIST KARNATAKA and I worked real estate in our side some lands for solar purposes we needed a business


    I have technical knowledge of solar system need support for solar business