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Off Grid Systems

Off-Grid system converts sunlight into electric current. Solar panels absorb photons of light from sun, producing DC electricity. Another system component, the inverter, converts this DC current into AC current which can either be used by electric “Loads” in the home or it can be directed & stored into “Batteries” for later usage.



It generates power and helps in removing the dependency on grid, diesel or any other convectional source of energy, also reduces monthly electricity bills. Our team has gained expertise in design, manufacturing, engineering, integration and installation with adapting to the outside world.  Microsun Solar provides with operational and technical support at every level, hence making it customer friendly.

How does it work ?

In Off-Grid System, the electricity generated by the Solar array is stored into the Battery through MPPT charge controller. The loads are activated when required and is powered by the battery through an inverter. A change over switch is provided to transfer the load from Solar to grid and vice versa.

Our Projects: 


System Capacity:

Solar PV Panel:


Type of Mounting:

Energy Generations:

400KW (100KW x 4Nos) Off Grid

Poly Crystalline – 250Wp Panels

Bi-Directional 100KW & 1020Ah@240V

On RCC Roof Top

657000 Units/Annum